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Technology Support

Dublin Bay Sailing Club strives to provide a premier results service to you, our members. To this end we have deployed leading-edge, innovative and most importantly, appropriate proven technology, to support the provision and delivery of results to the dedicated results computers in each waterfront club and now to our new website.

The process for results delivery works as follows :

  • the results are calculated by the results team on the DBSC laptop(s).
  • a DBSC proprietary (peer-to-peer) communications program (much faster than ftp) is invoked on the laptop which transmits the results to the clubs via mobile GSM technology (HSCSD).
  • the same program transmits the results to the DBSC website server. This machine contains a unique application which automatically converts and loads the results to a format ready for display and searching by users.
  • results can now be transmitted to all clubs and the website within minutes of calculation.

The following are associated with the DBSC website and its developments :


Some  of the photographs on this website are supplied by David O'Brien of Afloat Magazine.
Further details from : www.afloat.ie

Graham Gosling - Photography

Graham has kindly allowed DBSC to display a number of his photographs on this website.
Further details from : www.grahamgosling.com