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After the start of the season (24th April 2019) late entries must reach the Hon. Secretary seven full days preceding the day the boat concerned intends to race

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Boat Details

If your class supports IRC handicapping and you wished to be scored under IRC, please upload a copy of your certificate below

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Fees & Subscriptions

The Boat Entry fee for each boat is based on the crew number appropriate to the class in which it competes. It includes the annual subscription of those nominated on the form. Members whose membership is not linked to any specific boat may pay the annual subscription of €122 separately. Where the member is aged 70 or over, the annual subscription for those paying separately from the boat entry is €16. Also included is the boat entry fee: €104 for Cruisers 0, 1, 2, 3,5 31.7, B211 ; €92 for other keelboats; €75 for dinghies.

The above fees are inclusive of charges for Olympic racing- viz €115 for SB20s.Mixed Sportsboats and Dragons, €60 for dinghies, Squibs, Flying 15s and Mermaids. Two-handed PY Dinghies sailed by members under 25 on the 1st. January 2019, €257; single-handed PY Dinghies (for under 25s,) €196 Laser (for under 25s Tuesdays) €136.


I/we declare that :

  1. I/we accept the Club regulations and I/we agree to sail according to the Sailing Instructions.
  2. My/our boat is adequately covered by third-party insurance for DBSC races. (Minimum €1.27 M)
  3. I/We will comply with the Safely Equipment rules to be established by the class.
  4. My/our boat will be available for inspection by the Class Safety Officer.

I/we acknowledge and agree that:

  1. Competitors sail entirely at their own risk. Dublin Bay Sailing Club Ltd. its race officers, committee and organisers shall not be liable in the event of any claim for accident or mishap.
  2. It is the sole responsibility of each helmsman/owner to decide whether to sail or not in every case.

Terms and conditions

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I accept the declaration, terms and conditions and acknowledgement above.