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Cruiser Challenge Entry Form 2016

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    1. I/We accept the event regulations and I/we agree to sail according to the sailing instructions, and all other rules that govern this event.

    2. I/We accept full responsibility for the management and safety of the boat noted above and I/We also accept that neither the organising committee, Dublin Bay Sailing Club nor the National Yacht Club, their employees and their representatives shall accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with their participation or intended participation, or prior to, during, or after this sailing competition.

    3. I/We further declare that I/We hold a valid and current Certificate of Insurance and adequate third party cover with a limit of not less than €1,500,000, which includes cover whilst racing.

    4. I/We acknowledge and agree that:

    a) Competitors sail entirely at their own risk. Dublin Bay Sailing Club and the National Yacht Club, the race officers, committees, and organisers disclaim liability in the event of any claim for accident or mishap.

    b) it is the sole responsibility of each helmsman/owner/skipper whether to sail or not in every race.

Terms and conditions

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I accept the declaration, terms and conditions and acknowledgement above.