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2014 06 05

Amendment – Dragon Special WL courses

 Amendment no.5  – Dragon Special WL courses

On the Saturdays detailed in the Fleet Divisions and Starting Schedule for the Dragon Fleet special Windward Leeward races, the following amendments apply to the DRAGON Fleet only

Amend DBSC Course Card 2 – Race Times 2014 as detailed below:-
The Warning signal and Preparatory Signal times and sequence for the Red Fleet are revised as follows :-
Warning Signal   Red Fleet 13.59
Preparatory Signal          
Ruffian 23 ICF  U 14:05
Shipman ICF W 14:10
Glen ICF K 14:15
Dragon ICF D 14:20
The Time Limits on these Saturdays for the DRAGON class will be extended to 17.30 hrs.
 Amend  Course Card 3 - Dragons Scheduled Olympic W/L Courses as detailed below:-
Revise Para 2 to read :- Boats will start at the Flagship in accordance with the Red Fleet amended starting sequence as detailed above:- The finishing line will be upwind of the leeward mark. 
Revise Para 3 to read:- A Specific windward and/or leeward inflatable mark MAY be laid. Alternatively the wind direction may permit the use of suitable fixed marks. Platonic course signalling system will be used in such cases – displaying the appropriate letters for the windward and leeward marks. In either case a numeral displayed will indicate the number of rounds to be completed.  A listening watch should be kept on VHF Ch 74 throughout racing. Failure to receive VHF transmissions shall not be grounds for protest or redress. 
Revise Para 7 to read:- The display of Flag V  at the Windward mark accompanied by an intermittent sound signal indicates that boats having rounded or passed the mark , shall proceed directly to the finishing line.