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2015 05 14

Cancellation of Dinghy Racing on Tuesday 12th May 2015

To avoid any misunderstanding that may have arisen, DBSC officers wish to make it clear that at no stage on Tuesday last, when weather conditions outside were unfavourable, was there any intention to hold dinghy racing in Dun Laoghaire Harbour.
 The decision not to do so was in line with our understanding with the Harbour Master that racing could take place only when no other traffic was scheduled. It had been well signalled in advance that there would be cruiser liner ferries in and out of the Harbour on Tuesday the 12th May. Consequently, it was not thought necessary to look for the Harbour Master's permission to race in the Harbour.
As a matter of interest, regular DBSC dinghy racing in Dun Laoghaire Harbour ceased some time in the 1960s and was only permitted in the agreed circumstances shortly before the retirement of the previous Harbour Master. Water Wag racing is a separate matter. The facility was continued by the present Harbour Master, with whom DBSC enjoys cordial professional relations. We are grateful to Captain Coate for his support of the Club’s racing programme.