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2014 01 07

Online Boat Entries

The Commodore. Flag-officers and committee of DBSC are happy to inform members that online entries for the Club’s 2014 series will be accepted from the 1st. January.  Message from the Commodore, Pat Shannon:

For years online entry for the Club’s racing has been an aspiration of successive DBSC committees and flag officers. Although the facility is commonplace among commercial and all social undertakings, DBSC, when it decided to go that route, ran into a series of financial and legal issues. This was by virtue of the Club’s unusual institutional status. 
Although 130 years in existence, it has no premises of its own nor physical presence along the waterfront. Nor do we have not the range of activities, such as bars and catering, that would make payment by credit card a commercial imperative. Our income is almost entirely derived from the subscriptions of the membership as well as odd contributions from sponsors. Our capital consists of the marks which we put down in the Bay during the summer and the temporary starter's hut on the West Pier.  Not to mention, nowadays, our state-of-the-art committee boats and ribs. There is also our record for careful financial and administrative dealing and our bank balance which has always been in a healthy state. This organisational structure did not initially appeal to the credit card companies.
It's a pleasure to say that the problems have now been overcome. This is due in no small degree to the expertise and advice from members with a background in the credit card and software industries. They prefer anonymity but we are deeply grateful to them for bringing our plans to fruition. 
The move is not without some expense but I think we can live with that. There should be no difficulty with completing the online entry form which is largely similar to the printed version. I should add that the use of the latter is still open to members who prefer to pay in the traditional way. Individual membership subscriptions will also continue to be paid by cheque or cash but we plan to have such payments dealt with through the credit card system in due course. As indeed, entries for our winter series. 
That said, I wish all DBSC members a happy Christmas and enjoyable sailing in 2014
Pat Shannon.