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Visit the Harbours of Ireland

Ireland is famous for its green landscapes, friendly people, food, and of course, Guinness. However, it is not a country that springs to mind when thinking of sailing. This could not be further from the truth. Ireland is actually a very glamorous destination for sailors. Those fortunate enough to own their own yacht will enjoy a warm welcome at many of Ireland's natural harbours. The west coast, in particular, has some stunning landscapes to admire.

Glamorous Destinations in Ireland

The south of Ireland has some gorgeous towns with high-end restaurants, where everyone loves to dress up and show off their finery. The harbour town of Bantry should be on any sailor's list. Those who enjoy fish will be spoilt for choice, and Bantry Bay mussels are renowned throughout the world. The Sugarloaf Restaurant is a fabulous option for a romantic evening away from the boat. The sunset over the bay is a sight never to be forgotten.

A Trip to Cork

Most visitors head to Dublin when visiting Ireland, but Cork is equally deserving of a few days of exploration. One of the most famous attractions is Blarney Castle, where travellers can enjoy the experience of kissing the Blarney Stone. The smaller towns in County Cork have their own glamourous hotels where fine food and gorgeous surroundings are assured.

Sailing around the coast of Ireland is an experience not to be missed and will appeal to those who enjoy a mix of glamour and stunning scenery.